Ural Federal University: International Olympiad Competition “Izumrud” Сompleted

Competitions of the full-time final stage of the Ural Federal University’s Izumrud International School Olympiad were held in 26 cities in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. From February 26 to March 1, students tested their knowledge in ten subjects, eight of which – history, mathematics, social studies, political science, Russian, sociology, physics and philology – are on the List of School Olympiads of the Ministry of Education and Science for the academic year 2021/22. This means that the winners will be able to get into the university without any entrance exams, while all participants will get three extra points when entering Ural Federal University. In addition, the list of Olympiads includes the Higher Education and Academic Olympiad in Informatics, which is organized and conducted by UrFU.

In Ekaterinburg 2,685 people took part in the final stage. A total of 40,000 high school students from all over the country took part in the qualifying stage of the Olympiad.

“The pandemic event was made possible by the coordinated work of hundreds of people from dozens of cities over many months, who cared about giving school students the opportunity to show their uniqueness and talent. For the sake of ensuring that the works of the final stage were performed by all participants conscientiously and that prizes were taken by them rightfully, we held the final stage only in an in-person format, in compliance with the requirements and recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor and under strict control of our representatives. We will try to avoid the use of proctoring as long as we as well as the participants know the effective ways of violating the order of participation in the Olympiad, which are not fixed by any of the available proctoring systems,” says Ivan Petrus, a member of the organizing committee of the Olympiad.

If participants decide that the work has been evaluated incorrectly, it is possible to appeal, say the organizers.

It should be noted that on April 4-5 the organizing committee of the Olympiad will review the verified work and appeals. On April 9-10, the committee will publish the criteria for awarding prizes and winners and summarize the results of the Olympiad.

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