Ural federal university: International Students and Teachers Holding Temporary Residence Permit Can Get Vaccinated Today!

Deputy Vice-Rector for International Relations Sergey Tushin met international students and thoroughly described them the process of vaccination

Deputy Vice-Rector for International Relations Sergey Tushin met a dozen of students who are temporary residence permits’ holders (TRP) and presented them the Sputnik V vaccination procedure at UrFU. Tushin emphasized that he will personally undergo the same procedure, possibly even standing in the same line for the vaccine with the TRP holders.

“To get vaccinated with Sputnik V temporary residence permits’ holders need to proceed to the UrFU Medical Unit website and fill the request for a Sputnik V “shot”. In a week time the medics will answer your request and ask you to come to vaccinate from 8 to 14 hours. The procedure itself may take an hour, or a bit more, just take your passport and do not forget to provide your insurance policy document,” said Deputy VR Sergey Tushin.

University does not urge anyone to get vaccinated. Vaccination is a personal matter and depends on a person’s health and willingness.

There are 3 key to-do steps:

Fill out the request form at the Medical Unit Website (in Russian) and receive the invitation to get a vaccine;
Check your documents: you must have your ID (Passport), your insurance policy, and the invitation;
Come to 59b Komsomolskaya str. and get vaccinated swiftly!
UrFU welcomes all foreign students and teachers who are temporary residence permits’ holders to get vaccinated with the Russian vaccine that is safe and effective. UrFU on a monthly basis receives hundreds of dozes of Sputnik V providing vaccine for all its faculty and students, having more than 800 people vaccinated already from the month of January.