Ural Federal University: International Students Undergoing Internships at the Ural Aluminum Plant

RUSAL continues a targeted program to educate international specialists. For example, 13 Ural Federal University students from the Republic of Guinea have been living in Russia for four years. At the university they study Metallurgy, Thermophysics, Automation and Ecology of Industrial Furnaces, Customs and Chemical Technology.

During the month of production practice at the Ural Aluminum Plant third-year students will study the technology of alumina production, as well as become familiar with methods of protection of pipelines from corrosion and equipment schemes at the plant, along with this drawing sketches. Depending on their specialty, they will practice in the Alumina Production Directorate and in the Technical Control Department and Central Laboratory.

First the students will be introduced to the general infrastructure of Ural Aluminum Plant along the production chain: together with their supervisors they have already visited the wagon dumper, the first and ninth sections.

During the internship the students will live in the dormitory of Kamensk-Uralsky Polytechnic College. The students will get acquainted not only with the plant, but also with the city. They have already walked around the historic part of Krasnogorsk district, visited the ski and boat station “Metallist”. Students will also be guided through the excursion route to get familiar with the city.

“Kamensk-Uralsky, although small, is a very pleasant and beautiful city. The people here are helpful and friendly. I especially like the attitude of Ural Aluminum Plant employees: they help us to get comfortable, you can always ask the internship supervisors for advice or help,” said Kaba Fatumata, a student of the Institute of Chemical Engineering of UrFU.

After defending their final qualifying works at the university, some students plan to enroll in master’s programs, but all of them will return to their home country. In Guinea, they are expected to work as specialists at the bauxite and alumina complex of Rusal Friguia, which the company reopened in 2016.

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