Ural Federal University: Kazakh Students Will Have Exam Session Extended

The Educational Programs Administration of the Ural Federal University decided to extend the deadline for passing examinations for students who are in Kazakhstan.

The terms of the extension can be adjusted depending on the work of the Internet in the republic and the country’s resumption of air communication with Russia.

“I am in touch with my parents, they are in northern Kazakhstan. Some of the students are already on their way back to Russia to take their exams,” says Ekaterina Domnysheva, Deputy Chairman of the Student Association of Kazakhstan at UrFU.

According to the Vice-Rector for International Relations, out of 667 university students who left for the New Year holidays in Kazakhstan, 120 returned to Ekaterinburg by January 10. They take PCR tests for coronavirus infection and keep self-quarantine until negative results are obtained.

“The task of the university is to provide all the necessary conditions for the students, our International Students Adaptation Center is in touch with them,” emphasizes Sergey Tushin, Deputy Vice-Rector for International Relations.

In total, about 1,300 students from Kazakhstan study at the university. There is an Alumni Association Representative Office in Kazakhstan.

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