Ural Federal University: Kyrgyz-Russian University Association Established

Yesterday Victor Sadovnichy, the President of the Russian Union of Rectors, and Abdylda Musaev, professor and the Chairman of the Association of Universities of the Kyrgyz Republic, signed a memorandum about creating a new interstate association in the field of science and education – the Kyrgyz-Russian University Association.

“The Association will become a platform for strengthening cooperation in education and science between universities in Russia and Kyrgyzstan, a moderator of interuniversity projects for the exchange of students, lecturers, and joint scientific research. The convergence of higher education systems and the formation of a common humanitarian space are key tracks of integration processes within the Eurasian Economic Union,” said Victor Sadovnichy, academician and the rector of the Moscow State University.

He noted that the partnership is built not only along the Moscow-Bishkek line. The signing ceremony took place during the II Forum of University Rectors of the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic, which was held at Ural Federal University with the participation of almost 100 heads of universities of two countries.

“The fact that the association is being established in the capital of the Ural suggests that the dynamics and even the vectors of bilateral cooperation will seriously depend on the efforts of regional universities. For Kyrgyzstan, as well as for Russia, it is important to form a thoughtful and creative younger generation aimed at friendship and cooperation in the Eurasian space,” added Sadovnichy.

In turn, Victor Koksharov, the rector of the Ural Federal University, said that the Forum of the leaders of higher education of the two countries is held on the margins of the interregional conference, which emphasizes the importance of the topics discussed by the rectors of the integration of science and education of the states.

“There are 45 Russian and 20 Kyrgyz universities at the Ural Federal University, many of which are already linked by cooperation agreements. The signed bilateral documents will further intensify our activities in the post-Soviet time, directly affecting academic mobility and research partnerships,” added Koksharov.

At the same time, the creation of the association confirms the plans of Russia and Kyrgyzstan to strengthen relations between the two countries in the academic environment, according to the forum participants.

“The established association is a coordinating body that will determine the priorities and mechanisms of cooperation between universities of Russia and Kyrgyzstan, and most importantly, act as a bridge between the authorities and universities. Only through our joint efforts, combining our intellectual capabilities can we be competitive in the world and strengthen our position in the global educational space,” said Abdylda Musaev, the rector of the Bishkek State University.

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