Ural Federal University: Master’s Students Will Be Trained to Implement Artificial Intelligence in Life

In 2022, the Engineering School of Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Control Systems of UrFU launched a new master’s program, Artificial Intelligence Engineering. Here students will learn to create large software systems that use machine learning.

Bachelor’s graduates can enter the program, the main thing is to have a good basic knowledge of mathematics. Programming skills are welcome but not required. Everything that is necessary for work is taught in the master’s program, including the Python programming language.

“The program’s primary focus is not on the theoretical component of creating artificial intelligence models, but on engineering, the development of applications that use machine learning. Therefore, there are no high requirements for knowledge of mathematics. The ability to program is more important for successful mastering of the program,” said Andrey Sozykin, Head of the Engineering School of Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Control Systems School of Graduate Studies.

After the Master’s Degree, it is possible to work as an artificial intelligence or machine learning engineer, as well as a Data Scientist – to develop machine learning models to solve business problems and a data engineer – to prepare data for artificial intelligence and machine learning systems.

This year the program has 75 state-funded places. To enter the program, it is necessary to take an online test, which includes questions in four areas: Russian, English, mathematics, and information technology.

“Artificial intelligence is not something unfathomable. We are already surrounded by systems that use artificial intelligence: voice assistants, automatic translators, facial recognition systems. Engineers assemble such systems from ready-made components, like cubes. This is what you can learn from our program. After that, you will be able to influence the world around you by creating artificial intelligence applications, which is very interesting,” said Andrey Sozykin.