Ural Federal University: Mentors for the Test Drive Participants Will Be University Students

Acceptance of applications for participation in the Test Drive in the Ural Federal University continues. At the same time, the organizers are recruiting chefs – students who want to become mentors for high school students. They will be able to get mentoring experience and points in the extracurricular rating.

The main thing is to have an active life position and be ready to help schoolchildren. By the way, many chefs are the same participants of Test Drive at the Ural Federal University who entered the university and now want to help, as they were once helped.

“I participated in the project twice. The first time I was a schoolboy. When I came to the Test Drive, I fell in love with Ekaterinburg and Ural Federal University. The Test Drive showed me the university as something incredibly bright, lively and majestic in three days. It seemed like Ural Federal University was a real city within a city. All this encouraged me to take part in the project for the second time, but already in the role of chief. It is fascinating to get to know the project from a new perspective every year. The Test-Drive is a project about aspiration, about choosing a path, about how you can achieve the most beyond the limits, even if it seems difficult and impossible, about how you can and should dream, and most importantly, believe in yourself,” said UrFU student Egor Pavlov.

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