Ural Federal University: New Campus Solutions to be Developed by Students

Students of Ural Federal University will develop a metaworld, a mobile application, a chatbot, and an attendance analytics service for the university’s new campus. On February 18-20, a student solutions hackathon will be held at Ural Federal University with the support of Sinara-Development and USSС.

Due to the hackathon, students will be able to form proposals for equipping the campus in which they will live, study, and engage in research activities. The students’ work is organized on the basis of the Engineering School of Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Control Systems of UrFU.

“It is a responsible and ambitious task to demonstrate the competences of future graduates by the example of implementing ideas for the new university campus. We are sure that it will be an indicator of high quality of students’ project education at UrFU and productive interaction between the university and business,” commented Ilya Obabkov, Head of Engineering School of Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Control Systems at UrFU.

The partner companies have jointly formed a set of tasks that are relevant to the needs of students and residents of the campus. For three days, experts from the Ural Federal University, USSB, and Sinara-Development will assist students in developing solutions.

“We regularly develop various educational and scientific projects together with the university. This kind of event is not only an educational process, it also represents the interests of business and the region in terms of the formation of smart infrastructure in the city,” said Valentin Bogdanov, general director of USSC.

In the final, an expert jury will select the four best projects, for which the student teams will receive valuable prizes. This is not the end of project development – students will continue to implement them in the spring at the project workshop. In June, there will be a large-scale presentation of the projects, and the best ideas will be implemented.

“The construction of the campus is a large-scale and long-term project that provides development of educational technologies. Of course, the introduction of technological developments and solutions will be an important indicator of the changes in the university. Involvement of students in the project at the stage of its development is extremely important, as it allows us to take into account the needs of future users,” notes Timur Ufimtsev, General Director of Sinara-Development.

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