Ural Federal University: NTV Hosts Will Tell about the University’s Advanced Achievements

On Friday, December 3, at 9:00 on NTV channel there will be another broadcast of the TV project “My Universities. The Future is Now”, which tells about the best universities in Russia. This time the Ural Federal University will be the hero of the program.

The presenters – Russian theater and movie actor Anton Khabarov and schoolgirl from Zarechny Polina Ovtsina – will get acquainted with outstanding students and scientists and learn about cutting-edge projects of Ural Federal University. The central theme of the episode will be the direction of study at the university – materials science.

“Polina will see how a magnet is born from sand, Anton will learn how you can print new parts of your own body on a printer,” reads the announcement of the issue.

Besides postgraduate student of the university Galymzhan Mukanov will tell about digital twins of locomotives, associate professor Oleg Tashlykov will tell about the ways of radiation protection. The presenters will also have a look at the rare books section of the university library, where unique editions are kept, meet student-athletes and even go in search of meteorites.

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