Ural federal university: Online meeting of the BRICS Civil Forum working group was held in August

The second online “round table” of the Working Group “International Cultural Cooperation for Strengthening BRICS Unity” of the BRICS Civil Forum 2020 was held on August 27. The meeting participants discussed the recommendations sent to the working group in the areas of “Institutionalization of cultural ties”, “Involvement of youth in the culture of the BRICS countries”, “Development of cultural exchange through literature and art”, “Protection of cultural heritage as a basis for international cooperation”, “Tourism, projects and events in the cultural track ”.

The discussion was attended by well-known figures of culture and art, heads of leading museums and libraries of the country, the leadership of the UN information center in Moscow, representatives of the expert and scientific communities, international organizations operating in the field of culture, students of leading Russian universities. The speakers shared their experiences and proposed initiatives necessary to develop greater cultural understanding, unite the non-governmental structures of the Five and exchange knowledge to strengthen the unity of the BRICS.

During the discussion of the youth sphere, the members of the working group proposed ideas for developing an internship program in the areas of activity of young professionals from the countries of the association, as well as the creation of an international association of BRICS youth organizations in the “Model BRICS” format.

“There are no boundaries for the creative industries. Today, thanks to modern technologies, you can work in an international team, while being located anywhere in the world. In terms of the share of creative industries in GDP, Russia still lags behind a number of countries. Nevertheless, we are slowly but surely approaching the understanding of the correct development of the creative economy and the adoption of appropriate measures at the legislative level, ”commented Marina Abramova, director of Russian Cultural Center.

Expert on cultural and scientific diplomacy of BRICS, associate professor of UrFU, director of the NGO “Agency for Cultural and Scientific Diplomacy” Anna Kurumchina emphasized the importance of developing humanitarian and cultural cooperation between the BRICS countries and proposed to create a joint fund for grant support of projects in the field of culture and civil initiatives of these countries aimed at promoting cooperation between the member states of the group, conducting scientific humanitarian research and studying global governance and the role of the BRICS in it.

“It is necessary to deepen cooperation in the field of restoration, attribution and examination of cultural values, as well as create a database of scientists dealing with culture, art, languages, social sciences of the BRICS countries, and a register with links to publications of specialists,” said Anna Kurumchina.

The most important and timely proposals of the working group will be presented at the BRICS Civil Forum in Moscow on September 23-25, 2020, in order to be further passed on to the heads of state of the Five at the BRICS summit.

During the meeting, the idea was traced about the need to create a unified structure of non-governmental organizations of the BRICS countries (union, association), within the framework of which the implementation of various multilateral initiatives and projects will become more successful due to their clear joint organization and coordination of actions.

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