Ural Federal University: Participants of the Antarctic Meteorite Expedition Discovered First Fragment

Members of the search team of the meteorite expedition of Ural Federal University found the first sample in Antarctica. This is confirmed by the data of the chemical composition, determined with the help of equipment specially brought to the mainland. This was reported by the expedition participants over the phone to Professor Viktor Grokhovsky of the Ural Federal University.

“The discovered sample has a characteristic structure and typical composition, determined by the X-ray fluorescent method, so we can identify the find as a meteorite-chondrite. The find was made by Ruslan Kolunin, a graduate of UrFU and an experienced mountain guide,” Grokhovsky reports.

Ruslan Kolunin is a holder of the “Snow Leopard” title, he has made about 300 ascents to the summits of different parts of the world. He takes part in the Antarctic meteorite expedition of UrFU for the second time.

The work of the group is complicated by weather: On November 17, a hurricane hit the researchers in the area of the autonomous camp, with temperatures reaching -35 degrees Celsius. With the improvement of conditions, the search for meteorite fragments will continue.

“According to the available forecasts, favorable weather is expected to occur as early as today. The search team will restore the tent collapsed by the wind and immediately return to work,” Grokhovsky said.

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