Ural Federal University Physicists Get Global Recognition Over Their Work on Quantum Dots

Scientific research in the direction of nanotechnology and nanomaterials carried out by Anatoly Zatsepin and Dmitry Biryukov, employees of the scientific laboratory of the Physics and Technology Institute of UrFU “Physics of functional materials of carbon micro- and optoelectronics”, led to important results of high fundamental and practical importance. The research results are published by the British publishing house Intechopen Limited in the collective international monograph Quantum Dots. Fundamental and Applications.

The study of temperature effects in the photoluminescence of semiconductor quantum dots made it possible to reveal the mechanisms of electronic transitions and create a universal model describing the most diverse processes of excitation and relaxation of quantum dots. An application for a competition has been submitted to the Russian Science Foundation on this topic.

“Thanks to these studies, we can judge what processes in quantum dots develop and what stages they go through by just one type of temperature curves of the photoluminescence of quantum dots,” noted Dr. Anatoly Zatsepin.

The proposed model describes five types of temperature dependences that are actually observed during the glow of quantum dots and can now be easily interpreted.

Their high fundamental and practical importance of the work greatly influences the progress in research and development of new functional materials and devices for nanophotonics, optoelectronics, quantum informatics and other IT technologies.

“The developed scientific concepts are an effective tool for predicting and controlling the electro-optical properties of quantum dots while varying their composition, size and structural ordering at the atomic level,” said Associate Professor Dmitry Biryukov.

They open up broad prospects for the creation of light converters, energy converters, sensitive radiation detectors, highly efficient and economical light sources, lasers with thermal radiation energy control, high-capacity storage media and many other technical devices.

The monograph published in the summer of 2020 aroused considerable interest of the scientific community. The British publishing house Intechopen Limited personally congratulated the authors on a large number of reads and downloads of their chapter. The work aroused particular interest in the USA (over 70% of downloads). The work is also read by scientists from Great Britain, China, Germany and other countries. The results obtained in the study have no analogues in the world.

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