Ural Federal University: Production of Autopilots for Agricultural Machinery Launched in the Ural Region


Scientific and Production Association of automatics named after academician N.A.Semikhatov, part of the Ural Interregional Research and Education Center, has launched mass production of an unmanned driving system for agricultural and specialized machinery. The autopilot almost entirely ensures the safe movement of vehicles while minimizing human involvement in driving. The introduction of such a precision farming system increases harvestability by 20-30%.

“We made a world-class product that can fully replace foreign analogs. All production is provided on the basis of our company: from designing virtual models and microchips to assembling finished samples. The created devices can be installed on a combine harvester, tractor or, for example, a sprayer. Automation of the system makes it possible to increase the speed of harvesting the field, reduce labor costs, and use fuel and herbicides more economically. This summer 30 samples were already installed on self-propelled sprayers of domestic manufacturer and have been successfully tested in the fields of our country. Customers have noted the high level of accuracy and efficiency of our autopilots,” explains Anton Kapustin, Deputy Director of Scientific and Production Association of automatics named after academician N.A.Semikhatov for civil products.

Scientists from Ural Federal University took part in the development of one of the systems for unmanned control. They developed design documentation for the creation of high-frequency short-range and long-range radars. The device makes it possible to avoid collisions with objects that appear on the path of transport and reach the goal set at the beginning of the route. The radar can be installed in any unmanned vehicle control system and smart farming systems.

“We are the first in Russia who developed radar with high sensitivity. It is capable of timely warning of a possible collision with any object. It recognizes both inanimate objects and a moving person or animal that happens to be in the way of the vehicle. The radar measures the speed of approaching and moving objects and provides automatic emergency braking. Now several samples are being tested on one of the Russian manufacturer’s large specialized vehicles,” adds Anton Kapustin.

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