Ural Federal University: Professor Valery Mikhailenko Celebrates His Birthday

Today Valery Ivanovich Mikhailenko, Professor of Ural Federal University, Doctor of History, celebrates his 75th birthday!

Valery Ivanovich graduated from the History Department of the Ural State University (now Ural Federal University) in 1968. In 1977-1978 and 2002, he interned in Italy. Valery Mikhailenko is the founder of the Department of Theory and History of International Relations and the creator of the Department of International Relations, which became the basis of the Ural School of International Relations.

Professor Mikhailenko made a tremendous effort to develop and flourish the School, continuing the work of his teacher, Ivan Nikanorovich Chempalov. The professor is also the founder of Italian studies at the Ural University, one of the trademarks of the Ural School. He was awarded the honorary title of Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation. He is engaged in the study of the history of international relations, the history of Italy and Russia of the modern period. He studies the evolution of interpretations of Italian fascism.

He is not only an exceptionally competent manager, but also a very humane and sensitive mentor. He passed on his experience and knowledge to his students, who now continue their research work in Russian and foreign universities, work in the civil service and work in international organizations and companies. Many prominent figures in history and political science began their academic careers under his patronage.

“It is a pleasure to realize that for many years the university has had such a professional as Valery Ivanovich Mikhailenko, who has made an invaluable contribution to the study of international relations in general and Italy in particular,” says Elvira Symanyuk, Director of the Ural Institute of Humanities at UrFU.

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