Ural Federal University: Project Learning Service Became the Finalist of the Digital Heights Award

The Project Learning service of Ural Federal University attracted more than 180 partner companies. The development was among the finalists in the nomination “Best IT Solution for Higher Education” of the Digital Heights award – national award in the field of information technologies. The presentation of the projects and announcement of the winners took place in Moscow at the Gaidar Forum.

“Every semester our students implement more than 1000 projects, more than 5,600 students are involved in this work. Due to the implementation of the Project Learning service the partners of Ural Federal University got an opportunity to step into the educational space of the university with real practical tasks for our students,” said Daniil Sandler, First Vice Rector of Ural Federal University for Economics and Strategic Development.

The service involves an easy search for students from any educational program of the university to implement narrowly focused projects, or a request to form a team of students of several areas at once to implement interdisciplinary initiatives.

The student, joining practical activities with professionals, does not leave the educational space – the Project Learning service is integrated into the digital environment of the university.

To make the work of students and partner enterprises comfortable, UrFU has developed a three-stage project lifecycle logic: from setting topics and selecting students for the required programs to direct implementation and evaluation of the results.

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