Ural federal university: Psychology Professor’s Dissertation Is the Best in Russia in 2020

The scientific work of Professor Larisa Karapetyan, dedicated to the study of human inner well-being, was recognized by the expert council of the Higher Attestation Commission as the best in Russia for 2020. Larisa Karapetyan works at the Department of General and Social Psychology of the UrFU Ural Humanitarian Institute of Humanities.

The dissertation is devoted to the study of how well people consider themselves to be and on what socio-demographic and psychological factors it depends. The dissertation writing process took almost 10 years. At the same time, most of the time was spent on conducting an empirical study, in which 4653 people took part – representatives of different professional categories.

“The results are very interesting,” says Larisa Karapetyan. – It turned out that most of the people consider themselves quite prosperous. At the same time, men are more critical and conscious in assessing their inner state. As for age, men are characterized by a reaction to “round dates” – during this period their emotional and personal well-being decreases. And the internal well-being of women is less pronounced in the age period under 30.”

Research has shown that having a higher education increases the level of well-being experienced by a person. It was also possible to establish that a person’s tendency to one or another assessment of his emotional and personal well-being definitely depends on what type of activity he is engaged in. Among representatives of various professional categories, representatives of law enforcement agencies and doctors highly appreciate their level of well-being.

“This is a very important result,” the professor notes. – After all, the state of internal balance enables specialists in these professional segments to cope with the stress factors of work. To a lesser extent, representatives of the production sphere – workers and engineers – consider themselves to be successful. I will note that teachers (including teachers of higher educational institutions) and psychologists occupy an intermediate position.”

Particularly noteworthy are those personality traits that are predictors of emotional and personal well-being. Among them are resilience, resistance to professional burnout, positive thinking, intelligence, willingness to take risks, etc. In the course of the study, a new methodology was developed for the study of emotional and personal well-being. Moreover, two versions of it were made – an express version and a more complete version, in order to prove the possibility of its application in practice. In addition, a technology has been developed to optimize the level of emotional and personal well-being, which has been introduced into various power structures and is successfully applied there.

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