Ural Federal University: Qualifying WorldSkills Russia-2022 Standards Championship Held at University

Specialists of the UrFU Innovation Infrastructure took part in the annual qualifying championship of the university according to WorldSkills Russia-2022 standards in the direction of “Technological Entrepreneurship”. Innovators were invited to the championship as compatriots (team patriots), who accompanied and helped student teams demonstrate their potential as technological entrepreneurs. According to the results of the competition three teams under the mentorship of innovators won prizes.

Student teams competed in mastery of technological entrepreneurship, which itself is an innovation and has been implemented in Russia for the third year. The three teams were mentored by Elena Bespamyatnykh, Director of the Center for Educational Technologies and Staffing Support for Innovative Activities at UrFU, Daniil Filippov, Coordinator of the “Startup as a Diploma” format, and Pavel Lyubushkin, Office of Innovations and Development Specialist.

“The competition took place over two days. During this time, the participants had to cope with the solution of an urgent problem – the safe transportation of animals in airplanes, during which our pets are often at risk of injury. In a short time and after brief advice from mentors, students had to find a way to solve the problem, going from analysis to product prototype, estimating the cost and production costs and formulating promotion methods. It was two days of brainstorming,” Daniil Filippov shared his impressions.

All prizes at the qualifying stage were taken by students who study innovations at Ural Federal University: 1st place – 2nd year students of Institute of Physics and Technology Konstantin Obidin and Danil Gofman, 2nd place – 2nd year students of Institute of Physics and Technology Egor Pavlov and Maxim Tatnev, 3rd place – 1st and 2nd year students of Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and Institute of Physics and Technology Nikita Isupov and Ekaterina Ikonnikova.

According to the results of the qualifying stage, the team, which took 1st place, will go to the interuniversity championship.

“The Technological Entrepreneurship competence according to WorldSkills Russia – 2022 standards is a unique experience for students of different specialties of UrFU to create and develop their own startup during their education at the university. Therefore, we congratulate all participants and winners of the qualifying stage in 2022. These students will already be able to join the services of the UrFU Innovation Infrastructure to further turn their ideas into a business. The contestants are consulted on preparation for participation in competitions, such as “Student Startup”. Moreover, in the next academic year, due to the experience and competencies gained, the students will be able to take part in such activities as the Social Innovation Pre-Accelerator, the “Startup as a Diploma” project, etc. We also hope that, having developed their competences in the field of technological entrepreneurship, our students will win prizes in various championships and contests of innovative projects,” said Elena Bespamyatnykh.

As early as next academic year, all prize winners and participants of the Ural Federal University WorldSkills Russia – 2022 Qualifying Championship in the area of “Technological Entrepreneurship” will have proposals for the development of competencies and their own technological projects.