Ural federal university: Rector Koksharov and Rector of the Belarusian State University Korol Discuss Wide Array of Topics Online

The Belarusian State University is a leading scientific, educational, innovative and cultural centre of the Republic of Belarus. The University exploits its potential based on best local and international experience to satisfy intellectual, cultural and social needs and interests of the Belarusian society, and promotes the sustainable development of Belarus. On internationalization, BSU is a leader in the Republic of Belarus in teaching foreign students. It provides training to more than 1800 international students from more than 30 countries of the world. In 2021 BSU celebrates its 100th anniversary.

“Colleagues, I know that in 240 days BSU will celebrate its 100th Anniversary! Please allow us to convey our profound admiration for the job that you are doing, especially on keeping and increasing the quality of education in Belarus, allow me to reiterate my sincere wishes to you, dear colleagues!” – opened Victor Koksharov.

Cooperation on education

In the domain of education, BSU and UrFU delegations discussed the development and joint implementation of online courses, digitalization of education, implementation of academic student mobility programs, preparation of virtual academic mobility programs, and implementation of academic teaching mobility programs.

Rector Koksharov introduced to Rector Korol the project of a new double-degree program in Psychology, as well as announced UrFU’s readiness for developing other double-degree programs in a wide range of areas. To begin with, the sides agreed to plan on holding joint summer schools. It was proposed to start with summer schools in chemistry, physics and psychology.

In the field of scientific collaboration the rectors of both universities agreed on conducting joint scientific research in areas of mutual interest of scientists of BSU and UrFU, joint publications, research in the field of energy, energy conservation, smart energy systems, renewable energy, environmental protection, mathematics and artificial intelligence, new materials, co-authorship and prospects of pubications of BSU scientists in UrFU journals, exchange of scientific and educational literature, joint scientific and student conferences, etc.

Delegations also shared views on the cooperation of respective institutes and faculties of Belarusian State University and Ural Federal University in the field of humanities, physics and chemistry. From both sides, the heads of the academic units mentioned above also took part in the meeting. From UrFU: E. Symaniuk (UIH), S. Rogozhin (INS&M), V. Ivanov (PhysTech Institute).

Cooperation in the field of innovation

The sides negotiated mutual cooperation on innovative “projects of the future” in the field of climate, energy, health, and biotechnology. Also, Rector Koksharov extended the invitation to BSU on becoming a participant member of the projects of the Ural Interregional Research and Education Center – Advanced Industrial Technologies and Materials.

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