Ural Federal University: Russian Scientific Diplomacy in the Countries of Southeast Asia

An international online conference within the Beacon of Russia’s Achievements project, created in the form of a virtual expedition over 15 major universally recognized achievements of Russians, was held on November 30 and united Russia and Singapore bringing together scientists, lecturers, businessmen, and public figures from different countries.

Stories about prominent Russian scientific achievements in various realms of science are presented on the website in articles and videos, both in Russian and English. By navigating from one achievement to the next, visitors learn more about Russia and the potential for cooperation in various areas.

Through social networks, the project has reached more than 20 countries, although the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation’s activity within the project focused on online conferences with the countries of Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, and Taiwan.

The project was timed to coincide with the Year of Science and Technology in Russia 2021.

The Beacon of Russia’s Achievements project presents not only the most significant Russian discoveries of recent years, but also demonstrates options for cooperation in the scientific, cultural, humanitarian, educational and business spheres. The conference featured speakers from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Higher Education Institutions, public figures and businessmen. The speakers discussed the prospects for cooperation in the implementation of joint scientific and educational projects. The participants learned about business opportunities in Russia, the advantages of Russian education.

UrFU also shared its experience. Sergey Zaryansky, a specialist from the Center for International Student Mobility and Recruitment at Ural Federal University, spoke about Ural Federal University’s modern approaches to education and presented the institution’s opportunities.

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