Ural Federal University: Scientists Have Developed an Efficient and Safe Flow Generator for Ventilators

Researchers from UrFU and the Compact Blower team have developed a turbine flow generator for mobile artificial lung ventilation (ALV) machines, Izvestia reports.

Compared to Western analogues, the device consumes 10-15% less energy (consequently, it runs longer on batteries) and is quieter in operation. In addition, it has a cooling system that can protect ventilators from fires.

“Unlike import analogues, the domestic generator has a more efficient aerodynamic design, which allows it to work much more quietly, and there is also an option of residual life monitoring, which excludes a sudden stop of the ventilator. These advantages allow the development to be used at home,” says Yury Marchenko, an engineer at the Turbine and Engine Department of the UrFU and Compact Blower Marketing Director.

The developers, in addition, created a fire-proof cooling system.

“In some imported generators, cooling is done with air, which is pumped by a ventilator. Oxygen for the patient is added, and it tends to catch fire when it interacts with the electric motor and causes a spark. We don’t cool the generators with the air we pump. The turbine is cooled naturally through radiators,” Marchenko added.

The laboratory sample of the device was successfully tested at the Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant. Now a pilot version is being prepared.

As a result of the Excelerator Intensive “Archipelago 2121”, the Foundation for Assistance to Innovations according to the results will allocate 3 million rubles for the development.