Ural Federal University signs agreement; nuclear Medicine Department Will Open in Ekaterinburg

Development of nuclear medicine continues to be one of the key priorities for Ural Federal University. Another step in the development of this area is the cooperation agreement signed today at Innoprom between UrFU, Sverdlovsk Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1 and the company Medicine and Nuclear Technologies.

The agreement envisages the creation of a nuclear medicine department at the Sverdlovsk Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1. On the basis of the UrFU new radiopharmaceuticals based on F-18, Cu-64, I-123, and Zr-89 will be developed and produced. It is also planned to develop new medical technologies using nuclear medicine and to work out standards of medical care for cancer patients.

The document was signed by Alexander Khasin, representing Medicine and Nuclear Technologies as the industrial partner, Sergey Kortov, First Vice Rector of the Ural Federal University as the scientific and technological partner, and Igor Trofimov, Chief Physician of Sverdlovsk Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1.

“Radiopharmaceuticals are needed to treat patients and diagnose oncological diseases. The colleagues who are present today at the signing symbolize the foundation on which the entire building is built: science, clinical practice at the hospital, and a technological partner. Soon all residents of the Sverdlovsk Region will be able to receive new methods and opportunities for diagnostics of such a complex and socially significant disease as oncology. This is an important step into a great future together,” emphasized Sergey Kortov.

Experts are sure that the development of oncology services in the regions is one of the main strategic tasks facing the modern national healthcare system.

“Cardiological and oncological diseases are the leaders among the causes of mortality of the Russian population. It is well known that early diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. Nuclear medicine diagnostics is the only way to timely determine the nature of the disease, adjust the therapy and develop a treatment protocol. The implementation of such agreements affects the achievement of the goals of the Health Care national project and the federal projects that are part of it,” said Alexander Khasin.

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