Ural federal university: Space Bridge With Elon Musk – UrFU Took Part in an All-Russian Forum The New Knowledge

Students of the UrFU Ural Institute of Humanities took part in the online marathon “New Knowledge”. The press center of the university became a platform for viewing open lectures and discussions on their materials.

“The medieval university is a special corporation that was very difficult to get into. A medieval university is a place where professors chose students and the student followed knowledge. In the Middle Ages, students went from one city to another and tried to get to the best professor in order to gain knowledge.The modern university is completely different. The student is the central figure. And today the university is where the student is. Leading universities go beyond their own campus. The student has the right to choose the trajectory of his development and the professor, or the person he wants to listen to – the popularizer of science, a well-known figure. This is modern university education, ”says Minister of Science and Higher Education Valery Falkov.

The minister urged students to get education and not be limited to only one educational institution.

Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko, businessman Elon Musk and other speakers also addressed the audience. Ural Federal University political science student Dmitry Ustinov managed to ask Elon Musk a question about a hypothetical meeting with Yuri Gagarin.

“Wow, I would be very surprised. He’s the first person to go into orbit. Such an amazing experience. And he is a very brave man, because you still need to decide on this,” answered the founder of Tesla and SpaceX.

“Now I am studying to be a political scientist, but in the future I would like to enter a new specialty and change my professional trajectory in order to develop in molecular biology and biotechnology. I plan to choose either a research track at the university, or work in a biotechnology company, for example, in the Russian Biocad,” Dmitry Ustinov said about himself.

The speakers of the marathon also talked about fake news, information wars, Russian foreign policy, falsification of history, double standards and much more.

The New Knowledge Marathon ran until May 22 and included over 100 lectures, seminars, open lessons and discussions. Among the topics of speeches: artificial intelligence, ecosystems of the future, Russian cinema, biohacking, the future of the nuclear industry, young science in Russia.

The Russian society The New Knowledge is a public non-profit organization that carries out educational work in the regions, the formation of intellectual content, the organization and conduct of free lectures, as well as various events in the field of education, social support and social protection of students and pupils of educational institutions and the elderly.