Ural Federal University: Stanislav Naboychenko Scholarship Established at University


The university in cooperation with the UrFU Alumni Association has established an annual scholarship named after Stanislav Naboychenko who is the Rector of the Ural State Technical University – Ural Polytechnic Institute (1986-2010) and the President of UrFU. Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree students of the Faculty of Metallurgy and Metallurgical Science of the Institute of New Materials and Technologies can apply for the scholarship.

“The Board of Trustees of the Institute of New Materials and Technologies endowment proposed to name its scholarship after Stanislav Naboychenko, because he was a famous scientist-metallurgist, Head of the Faculty of Metallurgy and Metallurgical Sciencet, Dean of the Metallurgical Faculty (1981-1985), Rector, who worked at the institute for many years. During his time, the institute achieved remarkable successes in student government, sports, and science. He is known not only in the Ural and Russia, but also far beyond the borders of our country. He has been awarded the state awards of the USSR, the Russian Federation, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. This scholarship will perpetuate the memory of him, his work and achievements in the university. We expect that students will strive not only to receive a scholarship, but also to learn Stanislav Naboychenko’s biography, follow the example of this remarkable man and, like him, achieve success in studies, sports and science. Students should be active in scientific and social activities,” said Victor Shimov, Head of the Faculty of Metallurgy and Metallurgical Science.

Three scholarships will be granted in 2022: for first-year students for the highest total score on the Unified State Exam, for Bachelor’s and Master’s students for academic success and scientific activities. The amount of scholarship: 40 thousand rubles for first-year students, 60 thousand for students of the 2nd-4th year of Bachelor’s Degree programs, 80 thousand for students of Master’s Degree programs.

The selection of applicants is carried out by a commission consisting of: Oleg Sheshukov, Institute of New Materials and Technologies Director, Fyodor Kapustin, Deputy Director for Scientific and Innovative Activity, Victor Shimov, Director of Faculty of Metallurgy and Metallurgical Science of Institute of New Materials and Technologies, Denis Rogozhnikov, Head of Laboratory of Advanced Technologies for the Integrated Processing of Mineral and Man-Made Mineral Resources of Non-Ferrous and Ferrous Metals and Konstantin Makarov, Leading Specialist for Organization Work and Secretary of the Commission.

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