Ural Federal University: Startup as a Diploma Program Is Opportunity for Development

The university held a meeting with students, at which Elena Bespamyatnykh, director of the Center for Educational Technologies and Staffing Support for Innovative Activities of Ural Federal University, and Daniil Filippov, coordinator of the Startup as a Diploma program, shared their knowledge about the features and advantages of technological entrepreneurship development, which is becoming more and more popular at the university.

“We told the students about the Startup as a Diploma format, which is quite new for the university, about the opportunities that can be used within its framework, about the students’ growth trajectory: from scientific knowledge to technological entrepreneurship. During the conversation we also talked about the generation of youth initiatives and new ideas that students can turn into startups,” said Elena Bespamyatnykh.

The audience of listeners was special and motivated: active students who are passionate about the development of science in the university.

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