Ural Federal University: Students Celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Union


On September 2, the grand celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Students’ Union took place. The event took place on the square in front of the main academic building of Ural Federal University. The Students’ Union and employees of the institutes organized many activities.

For example, the guests visited the workshop. They learned how to respond to criticism, how not to be afraid of the stage, how to cope with stress. The acquired knowledge will be useful for the first-year students at university. Moreover, the participants had a chance to play table tennis, golf, large format Jenga game or jump on a trampoline.

“The festival is organized in honor of a significant date for the Students’ Union. In September 1922, the first Students’ Union was founded within the walls of our university. Accordingly, we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the university’s main student organization. The festival is primarily timed to this event. In addition, we decided that the best time to hold the festival is September 2. Freshmen who entered the university just yesterday have every right to be immersed into the real university life starting from the first academic day,” commented Oybek Partov, Head of the UrFU Students’ Union.

The guest had a chance to record the Students’ Union Manifesto in a special box and become a part of the history of the event. Students came and recorded greetings, farewells, wishes, and salutations. Participants could make memorable gifts to themselves at workshops on beading, painting on clothes and canvases. Throughout the festival, music bands and DJs performed on the balcony of the main academic building.

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