Ural federal university: Students Shoot a Film About 100th Anniversary

At the Ural Federal University, the shooting of the series “Living History”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the university, is nearing completion. On September 9, the shooting took place on 51, Lenina ave. and at 4, Turgeneva st. – first in the book depository, then in front of the entrance to the first educational building and in the coworking in front of the Demidov hall

“The series is dedicated to the history of the university. And we wanted to show it so that the modern viewer understands what the university, its students and teachers have gone through in different years over these 100 years. In each episode we do it differently, since each episode has its own director, ”said Damir Miftakhov, the director of the first part of the film.

According to Damir, a separate topic is raised in each episode, and process leaders try not to repeat these topics. Various methods of influencing the audience are also used.

“We want the viewer to be able to see something, to realize something – ideally, of course, so that he feels something from what happened in the past,” Damir Miftakhov said.

Only on the set of one episode, about 20 people of the film crew participate – these are operators, editors, producers, and make-up artists. A total of 30–35 people make one series. The timing of each part is from three to seven minutes. The series will contain fragments of both the present and the past of the university.

“100 years is a very long period of time, even 20 years is a lot. A short timing requires a wide variety of locations and events. There will be a variety, which, we think, will benefit the viewer, ”said the director.

The first series will reveal interesting facts about the construction of the university, show the first years of the life of the university. The topics of how the university was born, with whose names it was connected, which was important for students and teachers of that time, will be discussed.

“Most of the first series is archival materials, which we will acquaint viewers with, since they are the most unique. What the students don’t know. What is the use of this series – they will understand what it was then, what it is now, in some ways they will find similarity and difference, and this should not leave them indifferent,” Damir stressed.

The series will premiere on October 19-23 during the university’s anniversary events.

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