Ural Federal University: Students Trying Being Professional Golfers

During the introductory practice students of Customer Service in Sports and Recreation Industry and Adapted Physical Education Institute of Physical Education, Sports and Youth Policy of Ural Federal University visited the Golf Academy.

At the meeting, Valery Konev, Executive Director of the Sverdlovsk Region Golf Development Federation, told the students about the academy’s facilities. Two simulators with more than 300 real world golf courses, a putting green for practicing short strokes, a driving range for practicing long strokes, an exercise room with necessary equipment, a training room, comfortable locker rooms, a recreation area and a spa are located on 600 square meters.

Konstantin Bazhanov, a multiple champion golfer from Sverdlovsk Region, held a master class for the students. Master-classes from Ural Federal University students Anna Pokrovskaya and Vsevolod Ovsyannikov, members of the Sverdlovsk region golf team, also caused special interest. They also invited students to start practicing golf.

Due to the acquaintance with the academy the students learned about their opportunities, future professional tasks in such sports centers. The future rehabilitation coaches presented their potential in coaching, in the successful recovery of the physical form of golfers, and the sports servicemen learned the subtleties of operating golf courses, opportunities for promotion of services, features of organizational and sporting activities of the academy.

The participants agreed to hold the next meeting in the summer, outdoors at the country club.

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