Ural Federal University: Successful Kazakh Students Receive Additional Scholarships

17 students of Ural Federal University from Kazakhstan received additional scholarships. Funds for this were allocated by the endowment fund “Kazakhstan”. The students are noted for their successful studies according to the results of the last three sessions, scientific publications, active extracurricular work and participation in the activities of the association.

The Institute of New Materials and Technologies (Natalia Zueva, Elizaveta Kim, Veronika Savina, Irina Bilous, Kirill Kazimirov, and Alexander Frolov) has the most scholarship holders. Then go representatives of the Ural Humanitarian Institute (Nikita Buyanov, Aigerim Naizagarinova, Sabina Smetanovskaya), Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Nikita Ognovenko, Nurlan Utyurbaev), Institute of Physical Education, Sports and Youth Policy (Madina Zinyatova, Eduard Kharlov), Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Aydar Nurgaliyev), Institute of Chemical Engineering (Mariyam Orynbayeva), Ural Power Engineering Institute (Angelina Sibiryakova), and Engineering School of Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Control Systems (Veronika Siritsa).

The scholarships were presented in person by the Chairman of the Board of Trust Fund “Kazakhstan” Maksudbek Rakhanov. He graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Ural Polytechnic Institute (now UrFU) in 1973 with a qualification as a mechanical engineer.

Maksudbek Rakhanov during his visit met with the university administration, talked to students and answered their questions, as well as visited the Department of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy, which for a long time headed Stanislav Naboychenko. On the eve of a birthday anniversary of Stanislav Naboychenko the guest from Kazakhstan handed him the diploma on the degree of honorary academician of the Kazakh National Academy of Natural Sciences, the mantle and a special sign. He also received congratulations from Nurtai Abykayev, President of the Academy.

“Our common task is to work to improve the image of our home university. The continuity of generations is very important here, so that graduates of the university of past years support it, share their experience with today’s students, and tell them what made them successful. All of this allows us to attract more talented young people to the university, so that all of this can work for the benefit of the economies of Russia and Kazakhstan. Students must be active, able to confront the challenges that await them. No one says that everything will be smooth – from passing exams and the first internship to future employment. I congratulate all our scholarship recipients and wish them all success in the future,” said Maksudbek Rakhanov.

Today the UrFU Alumni Association plays a major role in solving the tasks voiced by Maksudbek Rakhanov.

“It is very important that graduates from Kazakhstan support their fellow citizens and help them to define themselves professionally in the future. It is important for us to establish a connection between graduates and students through such a mechanism as mentoring. And during the meetings we actively discussed this project,” said Aleksandr Ponomarev, the Association’s Executive Director.

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