Ural Federal University: Summer International University Games Village Is 70% Completed

Representatives of 11 countries, whose consulates are located in Ekaterinburg, visited the construction site of the Summer International University Games Village. Together with Victor Koksharov, Rector of Ural Federal University, Aleksey Orlov, Mayor of Ekaterinburg, Daniil Znachkov, Deputy General Director for Special Projects of Sinara-Development, and Aleksandr Kharlov, representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, they found out what conditions athletes, and future Ural Federal University students, will live and compete in. At the moment, the facilities of the Village are 70% finished, and the first dormitories will be commissioned in April.

“The Middle Ural has long been a center of attraction for students from Central and South-East Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and other regions of the world because of the location of Ekaterinburg and the quality of education we offer. The new modern campus will allow our university to focus on plans for the development of a number of areas, among which information technology has a leading position, and to strengthen scientific, technological and educational ties with other countries. It will certainly have an effect on the economy of the region and the whole country in the midterm perspective,” noted Victor Koksharov.

There are five dormitories for 8.5 thousand people in the game village. The dormitories have two types of two-bed rooms: 15 square meters and 24 square meters for people with reduced mobility. Each room is equipped with a bathroom and a small kitchen. Each floor has laundry areas, classrooms, and recreation areas.

The delegation also had a look at the Community Center: there is a canteen that can serve up to 2,000 people and a digital library that can be transformed into three soundproofed rooms. In the future, the Community Center will become a building for one of Ural Federal University’s institutes.

“There are many students from Tajikistan studying at UrFU. This year there are 239 of them, and I hope that this number will only grow with each year. When the campus is commissioned, I think that the opportunities for our cooperation, the opportunities to attract students from Tajikistan will increase. They will be happy to live and study, because we are talking about a new quality of life of learning and education. A quality that really meets the requirements of the 21st century,” said Consul General of Tajikistan Zafar Sherali Sayidzoda.

All the facilities of the Summer International University Games Village are scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2023. Next to the village will be the campus of Ural Federal University, the competition for the construction of which the university won last year.