Ural Federal University: The Index of Inventive Activity of the University Has Increased

Ural Federal University improved its position in the Index of Inventive Activity of Russian Universities – 2021 ranking. The university moved up from the 12th position and entered the group of 9-11 along with St. Petersburg and Samara universities.

UrFU, for example, is in fourth place in management, fifth in energy, seventh in ecology and humanities, and eighth in chemical and earth sciences, shares fourth and fifth with MAI Research Institute in the transition to clean resource-efficient energy and in metallurgy with St. Petersburg State University, sixth and seventh in economics with South Ural State University and in materials science with St. Petersburg State University, 10th and 12th positions in the humanities with Financial University and Siberian Federal University.

“The ranking of scientific productivity and patent activity of universities shows that UrFU is well placed in areas of scientific knowledge related to materials science and other subjects that provide an answer to the challenge of introducing new technologies for the national economy. Our main consortium is the association in the field of structural and functional materials for nuclear and hydrogen power engineering. This is the road that the Urals Federal University will follow in the future, together with state corporations, other universities, and academic institutions,” notes Daniil Sandler, First Vice Rector of UrFU for Economics and Strategic Development.

According to the First Vice Rector, the conclusions from the rankings are not only useful for university management, they are also a kind of reference point for undergraduate and specialist graduates when they are deciding which graduate or postgraduate program to choose.

“Now we pay a lot of attention to work with young people, we create youth laboratories and design bureaus. We are convinced that the development of youth science, building up the personnel potential of scientific and technological activities at the expense of young people will definitely get a new impetus under the Priority-2030 program,” Sandler adds.

The results of the next wave of research on publication and inventive activity of Russian universities were presented today by the “Expert” analytical center. The Ural Federal University Center for Intellectual Property Education and Research participated in the development of the methodology and preparation of the rating data.

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