Ural Federal University: The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts Will Participate in the Restoration of the Urals Art Collection

Student internships, guest lectures from leading experts, consultations on research topics, joint exhibitions and conferences – these agreements form the basis of the cooperation agreement between the Ural Federal University and the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts: the documents were signed yesterday by Victor Koksharov, Rector of the Ural Federal University, and Marina Loshak, Director of the State Museum of Fine Arts.

One of the main points in the agreement is the participation of the Pushkin Museum experts in the research of the Ural collections of foreign art. According to Tamara Galeeva, Head of the Laboratory of Artistic Practices and Museum Technologies at the Department of Art History, Cultural Studies and Design of the Ural Institute of Humanities at Ural Federal University, the laboratory invites experts to work on attribution (establishing authorship), comprehensive expertise, provision of comparative visual material, and consultations.

“We plan to organize both museum and pre-graduation internships for our art students on a competitive basis. Of course, we are bound by joint research interests. We also focus on cooperation on projects of the Ural Branch of the State Art Museum and development of specialized online courses in art history,” said Victor Koksharov.

The Head of the University noted separately that the Ural Federal University is ready to provide its own platforms – the Center for Contemporary Culture, the Media Library, and the B.U. Kashkin Museum – for exhibitions, residencies, and creative projects, with an increasing interest of students and faculty in the museum library and consultations with its specialists on items from the collection and a variety of scientific topics.

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