Ural Federal University: The University Corporate Newspaper Awarded at the International Medialeader Contest

The UrFU newspaper “Ural Federal”, which is published by the university’s Media Center, was awarded an “Outstanding” diploma of the international contest of corporate media “Medialider-2021”. The awarding ceremony took place in Moscow on November 26. This year 428 applicants competed for the victory in 18 nominations.

“Today one still hears the opinion that the printed media will soon disappear. However, as our contest has shown, corporate newspapers and magazines are more alive than ever and will continue to be for a long time. It was the nomination in which the paper press was evaluated that was the most representative. Besides, we constantly communicate with employees of various companies where corporate editions are issued and they point out that these newspapers are very much demanded,” the organizers stressed at the ceremony.

A lot of different organizations and companies applied for the contest: from state corporations and air carriers to telecommunication operators and factories. UrFU is one of the few institutions of higher learning whose corporate media, including multimedia projects, were recognized by the jury.

“Of course, it is very nice to receive high marks, because among the jury members were recognized experts in journalism, PR and information activities in general. We will definitely continue to develop our newspaper, so that it will help students and staff members receive relevant and useful information about the life of the university,” the Ural Federal’s editorial board notes.