Ural Federal University: The University Established an Accreditation Center for Medical Biochemistry Specialists

For the first time in Ural Federal University and in the Ural region, an accreditation and simulation center for specialists with higher medical education in “Medical Biochemistry” was created. The center is charged with methodological support of accreditation procedures, which reveal a specialist’s compliance with mandatory requirements for work in clinical diagnostic laboratories.

“Accreditation is a complex three-step procedure, which includes testing on basic questions of medical biochemistry and clinical laboratory diagnostics, a practical exam that checks the mastery of skills in five areas, and at the end – an interview with the commission members,” said Irina Danilova, head of the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics.

The center has the latest equipment, which makes it possible to successfully carry out the accreditation procedure. Scientific and methodological support for the accreditation of specialists was elaborated, and the composition of accreditation commission for 2021/22 for the accreditation of specialists with higher medical education was approved.

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