Ural federal university: The University’s Open Archive has Risen Again in Repository Rankings

In the ranking of institutional repositories, the university’s archive has risen two positions and is ranked 26th in the world out of more than 3,100 other resources. Moreover, the Ural Federal University archive continues to hold first place in Russia among institutional archives.

In the overall ranking, which includes 3,224 repositories, electronic archives and electronic libraries around the world, the UrFU repository moved up one position to 37th place.

“The University continues to make good progress in the most respected archival rankings. Importantly, we have appeared in the CRIS rankings for the first time at the 7th position with our Pure research portal. Thus, we are represented in three of the four rankings in the Transparent Ranking of Repositories. Our plan is to register our journal portal to enter the fourth ranking (Portal of Journals) as well. According to our calculations, this will allow us to get to 130-140th place right away. I would like to thank everyone involved, you are doing a very important work, the results of which speak for themselves,” said Aleksandr Germanenko, Ural Federal University Vice-Rector for Science.

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