Ural federal university: The Ural Young Middle East Researchers Association Hosted International Round Table

Young researchers discussed perspectives of LAS development at its 75th anniversary. Photo: Daniil Astakhov.

The international round table dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the League of Arab States was held on October 24 at the Ural Federal University. The organizers were members of The Ural Young Middle East Researchers Association.

The meeting was held in the Chatham House format (the participants of the meeting could freely use the information they received, but did not have the right to disclose neither the names nor the place of work of the speakers) and consisted of two parts. In the first part, the participants modeled the league summit, during which they outlined the national view of the Arab countries on the security problems of the Middle East.

In the second part, the delegates voiced their own vision of the regional situation, assessed the strengths and weaknesses of the current strategy of the League of Arab States in the field of security, and also put forward assumptions regarding the further development of key crises in the Middle East.

The Ural Young Middle East Researchers Association is a youth organization based in UrFU. Its key goal is to create a platform for effective interaction of people interested in politics, culture, science and heritage of the Middle East.

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