Ural Federal University: The Victory Train Arrived in Ekaterinburg

A unique mobile museum “Victory Train. Science during the Great Patriotic War” opened at “Ekaterinburg-Passazhirsky” railway station.

Large-scale historical and educational project, created as part of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the Year of Memory and Glory in Russia, allows visitors to immerse themselves in history. In the Year of Science and Technology, visitors learn, for example, how penicillin was invented.

“We should remind, the Sverdlovsk region has also made its labor and scientific contribution to the Victory. It was in the Urals that the latest at the time antibacterial drugs were developed. The scientists of the Ural Industrial Institute (now the Ural Federal University) were able to synthesize sulfonamides,” the university said.

In 1942, under the leadership of Isaak Postovsky, the Sverdlovsk plant of medical preparations began large-scale production of sulfidine, which began to be used in inflammation of the lungs and during operations of the gastrointestinal tract. Antibacterial preparations developed by Ural scientists allowed to sharply decrease the rate of complications and mortality, they saved thousands of lives. Already after the war, bacterial infections began to be treated with the less toxic penicillin.

The historical and artistic exposition of the Victory Train captures images of our country’s past: following eight cars, visitors see the early days of the war, battles at the front and the rescue of the wounded in hospitals. The exhibition tells about the horrors of concentration camps and the siege of Leningrad. The tour ends in a car, the exposition of which is dedicated to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The Year of Science and Technology also corresponds to the content of the additional program of the event. For example, on August 3 the Information center of atomic energy in Yekaterinburg organized an intellectual team game “Atoms add up beautifully”, as well as the games “atomic” checkers, Jenga, “Detector of knowledge”. In addition, on August 3 visitors had the opportunity to take “Selfies with Kurchatov”.

The train train began its journey across Russia in October 2020 from the Belorussian railway station. In Ekaterinburg, it will stay until August 5.

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