Ural Federal University: Two University Master’s Students Became Winners of the Olympic Games

Irina Kazakevich and Svetlana Mironova from the Ural Federal University Institute of Physical Education, Sports and Youth Policy won silver in the 4×6 km biathlon relay at the Beijing Olympics. They performed as part of the Russian Olympic Committee team. Kristina Rezzova and Ulyana Nigmatullina were also part of the team.

“Irina Kazakevich and Svetlana Mironova came to us from the Olympic Reserve School and had a full education path at UrFU. Each of them has a good educational work and I am sure that in the near future the girls will present worthy master’s projects. Irina and Svetlana will have serious professional development and in-depth scientific activities,” said Evgeny Shurmanov, Director of Ural Federal University Institute of Physical Education, Sports and Youth Policy.

Irina Kazakevich and Svetlana Mironova study “Motivation and Self-Actualization in Sports”. Their academic work is directly related to sports activities.

Irina Kazakevich works on the topic “Psychological self-training of elite biathletes in the pre-Olympic period”. She studies how to take control of emotions, cope with internal pressure, and great responsibility.

“Irina chose this topic on her own because she understands that this is an important aspect of purposeful work for her as a young athlete. That is why at the beginning of the pre-Olympic season she worked with literature on the program of psychological self-training and familiarized herself with psychological tools”, said Lyudmila Rogaleva, the scientific adviser of the program.

Svetlana Mironova’s topic: “The influence of success and failure on the psychological state of biathletes”.

“The topic is close to the student, because biathlon, and especially shooting is associated with instability, so the results are often below the athletes’ capabilities, which can lead to disappointment and insecurity. For this reason, it is relevant to analyze the condition of athletes, the ability to adjust and find the right decisions to adjust their technique or tactics as they compete,” Lyudmila Rogaleva emphasized.

Now both athletes have the task of collecting and reflecting on their material right at the Olympics, and when they come back, together with their supervisor, to analyze the material they have collected.

“During the whole period of preparation for the Olympics, participation in the World Cups, I am always in touch with them, I support them. And the main motto is the ability to set yourself up properly for full dedication and fight,” Lyudmila Rogaleva.

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