Ural Federal University: Two University Students Will Receive Rare Scholarships

Ural Federal University students Evgenia Potapova and Anna Korelina won competitions for Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Dmitry Likhachev scholarships. On August 2, the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of the Russian Federation announced the results of the competitions.

“Likhachev became famous for his research on Old Russian literature. This is the same field of study that I explore. I am interested in the development of the motif of “blindness” in Russian and European literature, as well as in sermons of the 17th century. At the moment I am studying a poorly researched collection of sermons, Statir, created in the Urals. The collection provides a key to understanding the peculiarities of the verbal culture and the moral state of society of that period. It was a “rebellious age” – a time when people were losing social and moral reference points, and the preacher assumed the function of stabilizing social relations. It is worth noting that this theme is particularly relevant for the Urals,” says Anna Korelina, a fourth-year student of the Department of Russian and Foreign Literature at Ural Federal University.

Solzhenitsyn and Likhachev scholarships are awarded to a small number of students. For example, the Solzhenitsyn scholarship is awarded annually to 10 students from all over Russia who have achieved outstanding success in literary work, political science and journalism. Only two students from Ural Federal University and Chelyabinsk State University will receive the Likhachev Scholarship this year, studying Cultural Studies or Philology.

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