Ural federal university: UIREC Competence Development Center to Inrease Quality of Enteprise Management

A seminar on the development of projects aimed at increasing the economic stability and efficiency of financial and economic activities of educational and scientific organizations ended at the Ural Federal University. This area of work will become one of the most important priorities in the activities of the world-class Ural Interregional Research and Education Center (UIREC) – Advanced Industrial Technologies and Materials.

The seminar was attended by representatives of UrFU, South Ural State, and Kurgan State University. The participants were given the task to form a team of the UIREC Competence Development Center that will agree on possible models of interaction. The teams had to develop common standards and approaches to project activities, as well as to the development and launch of programs of additional professional education.

The main goal of the strategic seminars is not only the achievement of the necessary indicators but also their quality since the finished product is aimed at long-term use by universities, research organizations, and industrial partners. In the course of teamwork, the members of the UIREC Competence Development Center formed a clearer vision of the project, namely, the role of each university, their possible contribution, and expectations from other participants. A multilateral dialogue of key project participants has begun. Doubts, wishes, expectations, needs, and concerns are expressed, the main risks are identified and the response measures are proposed.

In the next two months, representatives of the UIREC Competence Development Center plan to actively interact with partner enterprises to clarify their needs in the development of competencies. By the end of March, the team will meet again, discuss the results obtained, clarify the work plan for April – May and conduct another iteration of team discussions to build an optimal model of interaction and develop a mechanism for achieving the project goals.

According to the First Vice-Rector of UrFU for Economics and Strategic Development Daniil Sandler, the UIREC Competence Development Center is the most important, integral part of the UIREC itself, and at this stage, it is extremely important to develop an effective model of interaction between all its participants.

The seminar was also attended by the director of the Graduate School of Economics and Management of the UrFU, the head of the UIREC Center for the Development of Competencies Dmitry Tolmachev.

The results of the session were summed up by the head of the Ural Territorial Administration of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Igor Manzhurov.

“Very good and important work has been done, while this is a pilot project. Today, the task is seriously set to find points for interregional interaction of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. It is the universities that should prompt their regions on the path to the development of their regions. It is necessary to find common points of contact between science and universities, especially in the era of transformation. In the transition from old Soviet standards to new ones, it is the universities that should help the production sector in this task, ” said Igor Manzhurov.

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