Ural Federal University: University and SKB Kontur Jointly to Develop Programs in Business Informatics

Ural Federal University educational programs in “Business Informatics” got a new impulse for development due to cooperation between the university and “SKB Kontur” company. The other day the agreement was signed by Dmitry Tolmachev, Director of the Ural Federal University Graduate School of Economics and Management, and Mikhail Srodnykh, Director General of “SKB Kontur”. Cooperation will concern educational programs “Business Informatics” at the Bachelor’s Degree and “Digital Technologies in Business” at the Master’s Degree.

“IT is a very dynamic field in which new technologies appear almost daily. Without updating educational programs, it is difficult to imagine the development of the field. Without the participation of business partners, universities are unable to keep up with the changes. Now the most promising IT directions in universities are those that cooperate with IT companies and bring in lecturers from the industry. By studying with experts, students understand that they will be able to find a job, enter the labor market more adaptive to work tasks and have advanced knowledge. That is why SKB Kontur has been a partner of UrFU in educational programs and activities for many years,” notes Mikhail Srodnykh.

The parties agreed on joint production of educational content, lectures and practical classes for students from SKB Kontur employees. In addition, much attention will be paid to internships for students and events that contribute to the successful employment of graduates.

“The agreement is an important step in the development of educational programs in Business Informatics at the Ural Federal University Graduate School of Economics and Management, both at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level. As part of our strategic partnership, we will work on the content of the programs – we will enhance the content component and add more practice. For students, this is an opportunity for earlier career guidance and mentoring from leading IT experts. A lot of work awaits us in the new academic year to implement the ideas that we signed. In the long run, Business Informatics graduates will be some of the most valuable professionals, because they have IT competencies and at the same time are deeply immersed in economics and business organization algorithms,” emphasizes Dmitry Tolmachev.