Ural Federal University: University Announced the Results of the Student of the Year Award 2021

The “Ural Federal University Student of the Year 2021” award ended on the evening of December 21 with a ceremony in the lobby of the main academic building’s assembly hall. The university administration and representatives of partner companies announced the names of the winners in 11 categories.

The Grand Prix winner in the “Best in Science” nomination became Natalia Bushuyeva, 2nd year master’s student of the Institute of New Materials and Technologies. In her speech she emphasized that every student can contribute to the development of the university.

“I want to show that the metallurgical specialty is not about factories and production, but, first of all, it’s a research work, it’s digitalization, development of new materials and huge potential for implementation of innovative technologies,” said Natalia.

She also expressed her gratitude to her supervisor, Honored Metallurgist of the Russian Federation Yury Loginov. Natalia’s project, which she announced as part of the competition, is aimed at developing the competencies of digital modeling among metallurgical students and researchers working in this field. The idea of the project is to create online courses on work in specialized software for digital modeling.

The student leaders were chosen in science, media, volunteering and creativity – a total of 11 nominations. Each of the 33 finalists developed and defended their own project for the university administration.

Also at the ceremony were named the best in five non-competitive categories.