Ural Federal University: University Became a Leader in the Rating of Graduates’ Employment Success

Ural Federal University took first place in the rating of regional universities of Russia according to the successful employment of graduates according to the recruiting platform HeadHunter. UrFU entered the top 20, surpassing St. Petersburg State University and St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and other Russian universities.

“Ural Federal University conducts many career events so that students can be successfully employed in their specialty. In addition, the university is actively developing partnerships with employing companies. This allows the students to understand which skills they need for a successful career,” noted Victor Koksharov, rector of UrFU.

Preparing the rating, HeadHunter analyzed 3.9 million resumes of Russian job seekers with higher education in 2020 – first half of 2021. The analysis looked at salary expectations of graduates, the proportion of managers and senior management representatives of the total number of applicants with a degree from the relevant university, as well as the total number of resumes of graduates.

The analysis revealed that the average level of expected salaries of Ural Federal University graduates is 59877 rubles, and the share of graduates applying for senior management positions is 4.8%.

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