Ural Federal University: University Cyber Athletes Successfully Performed at the All-Russian Tournament

All-Russian tournament on computer sports “Russian Students Cup on Counter-Strike” was held from September 16 to October 10 in Don State Technical University. The cybersports team of Ural Federal University took the third place at the competition.

“To get to the cup, we passed the qualifying rounds in the Ural Federal Region. And in the final we won the Tyumen team. The tournament is all-Russian, eight teams from all districts came out,” said Grigory Gordienko, captain of the Ural Federal University team.

In the 1/8 tournament the UrFU representatives lost to the team of Penza State University. But later one of the teams was disqualified and the organizers decided to do a re-match. Having beaten the opponents from two universities, cybersportsmen from UrFU secured participation in the match for the third place also against the team of Penza State University.

“We were motivated to prove that we lost by mistake in the 1/8 and could have achieved a better result. In the end we won PSU (2-1) and took revenge. Our emotions were off the charts at that point,” said Gregory Gordienko.

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