Ural Federal University: University Employee Becomes Curator of Exhibition at the Fabergé Museum


On June 29, the Fabergé Museum (St. Petersburg) opened the Russian Epic in Stone exhibition. The curator of the exhibition is Lyudmila Budrina, a well-known art historian and associate professor of the Department of Art History and Museum Studies at Ural Federal University. She also authored a unique lecture “Faberge Contemporaries. Ural stone-cutters of the second half of XIX – beginning of XX century” as a part of the workshop. She will tell about how the close cooperation of the firm of Carl Fabergé with the Ural masters began.

The exhibition features more than 30 stone-cutting works, performed by modern Ural stone-cutters in the technique of volumetric mosaic. In parallel with the exhibition guests will be able to visit the lecture room, dedicated to the exhibits. The cycle of lectures about the works of modern Ural stone-cutters will be held for residents and guests of St. Petersburg since September 20. All the events of the exhibition can be visited individually or listen to a full cycle by subscription.

“The uniqueness of the exhibition is that it is the first such large-scale exhibition outside of the Urals region. We managed to show not only the most current state of the exhibits, but also a certain historical perspective. We brought four exhibits from 1948 to 1996. They show the start of the development and how the people in the Urals learned the technique of volumetric mosaics. At the end of the 19th century, the Imperial lapidary factory in Ekaterinburg developed a new assortment and began to work with the court jeweler Carl Fabergé. This exhibition is the return of the Urals to St. Petersburg”, says Lyudmila Budrina.

In addition, the lecture will talk about the Soviet period in the history of stone-carving art at the lecture “Unforgotten old. Stone-cutting of the Urals in the XX century”, it will be held by art historian Sergey Vinokurov, senior lecturer of the Department and PhD in Art History. There will also be a meeting with Ivan Golubev, a stonecutter, who will talk about his personal experience of creating the works shown at the exhibition.

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