Ural Federal University: University Experts Conducted a Strategy Session at Sechenov University

Experts from Ural Federal University’s Center for the Development of Universal Competencies held a strategic session at I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University on February 25 and 26. The key goals of the cooperation were the development of a “graduate image,” changes in educational policy, and implementation of changes in the educational process starting in September 2022.

“This is not the first university that turns to us for consulting services and expertise. For example, at Vyatka State University we have reached the stage of implementing a new educational “core” and applying modern educational technologies. Nevertheless, working with a Moscow university is a challenge for us on two grounds. It is a major Moscow university, and in addition, it has a medical specificity,” said Ivan Zamoshansky, Head of the Center for the Development of Universal Competences.

The strategic session was dynamic and constructive. Experts from Ural Federal University delved into the specifics of a medical school and considered the key areas of professional training.

The result is a holistic concept, a portrait of a graduate of Sechenov University. This is a generalist with well-developed soft skills who is fluent in a constantly changing world, shows his cognitive, communicative and creative abilities, and is also included in the research agenda and able to participate in scientific project groups to implement innovative projects in the medical field. Together with the administration and faculty, the center’s staff and students outlined strategic directions and exact steps that could lead to the desired image of a graduate.

Cooperation between Sechenov University and the Ural Federal University Center for the Development of Universal Competencies will continue. Plans include forming working groups to implement changes, developing and implementing a universal educational “core”, training lecturers in new educational technologies, and implementing changes in the educational process.

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