Ural Federal University: University Graduates Recognized Leaders in the Construction Industry


In Khanty-Mansiysk the results of the All-Russian contest “Leaders of Construction Industry” were announced. There were only 111 construction managers out of 12 thousand participants representing 45 regions of the Russian Federation who reached the final. In the final the contestants presented their projects, from which the organizing committee chose the most progressive and useful for the Russian construction industry.

On Builder’s Day, the names of the contest winners were announced, and among them were Ural Federal University graduates Anna Galieva and Denis Galiev. Anna Galieva became the winner with a project on increasing the efficiency of federal projects, using the construction and reconstruction of industrial wastewater treatment facilities. Denis Galiev received one of the five personal awards from the organizing committee of the competition, presenting a project on recycling construction waste as part of the planned federal project “Circular economy”.

In addition, Anna is the Director of Design of Scientific-Production Enterprise “Bi-Tec”, engaged in scientific research, industrial testing, design and supply of treatment facilities for various industrial enterprises in Russia. Denis Galiev holds the position of Deputy Director of the Temporary Facilities Management Department of the Universiade-2023 Executive Directorate.

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