Ural Federal University: University International Students Presented Their View of the World


Ural Federal University opened a photo exhibition “I Love My Homeland! I love Russia! I love Ekaterinburg! I love UrFU!”. It is dedicated to the favorite places of international students of the university.

The exhibition presents the most beautiful places from 33 different countries from Indonesia to Argentina. Strolling through the lobby of the assembly hall, it is possible to see the amazing places from different corners of the Earth, where the university students came from, as well as views of Ekaterinburg the city that became a second home for them.

At the opening of the exhibition, Marina Fadeeva, Deputy Mayor of Ekaterinburg, Head of the City Administration Office, addressed the students. She noted that this event once again confirms the status of Ekaterinburg as a major international center that will celebrate its 300th anniversary next year.

“In August, we launched a countdown clock to the 300th anniversary of Ekaterinburg. We are all very lucky to study and work in this anniversary year. I am sure that this photo exhibition will be a worthy event in the whole series of events for the anniversary of the city. It would be very good to place it in the key spaces of Ekaterinburg during the year. It is important for citizens of the megalopolis to get acquainted with these photos of students, because it is always interesting not only to look at different parts of the world, but also to see your own city through the eyes of international students. Dear authors of the works, I wish all of you creative success, new projects and inspiration,” said Marina Fadeeva.

Sergey Tushin, Ural Federal University Vice-Rector for International Relations, congratulated the students on the beginning of the new academic year and wished “to gain new knowledge, competence, experience, love, friendship and everything that makes life bright, interesting and fulfilling”.

“I am very happy that the freshmen who have come to us this year from more than 40 countries will be able to see what the world they will be living and studying in the coming years is like, what their fellow countrymen, with whom they lived together in their homeland, see it is like. It is a beautiful exhibition, and it is great that freshmen will be able to experience it. How nice that we all live in Ekaterinburg and study and work at Ural Federal University,” said Tushin.

Sergey Tushin also announced a contest, timed to the 300th anniversary of Ekaterinburg, for the best poem about the city, which will be read by an international student in Russian. All international students of Ural Federal University can take part in it. The results of the contest will be announced at the end of the year.

The guests were also greeted at the opening by international students of Ural Federal University, whose photos are presented at the exhibition by Kadiaotu Tounkara (Guinea), Elen Kirakosyan (Armenia), Mohammed Alghannami (Iraq), and Avinash Kumar (India).

After the exhibition is finished at the university, it will be shown in the Ekaterinburg City Administration building.

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