Ural Federal University: University Launches Master’s Program in Smart Electricity with a Partner in China

The Ural Federal University and Taiyuan University of Technology developed a joint Master’s program “Energy for Smart Cities” in the field of electric power and electrical engineering. The application prepared by the university’s Division of International Educational Programs was approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

The Master’s program, which will be taught entirely in English, will become available to students from China in the coming academic year. This is one of two new Master’s programs at the Ural Power Engineering Institute related to the digitalization of the industry.

“We are always looking for the best opportunities for our students. The Master’s program mainly consists of project work, and it is good when students get experience of international interaction and exchange – it is very important for scientific activity and educational process”, comments Alexandra Khalyasmaa, associate professor of the Ural Power Engineering Institute, and the head of the joint Master’s program at UrFU.

Each year, 40 or more graduates can enroll in the joint program, and graduates will receive two diplomas upon graduation.

“Our division is currently negotiating actively with colleagues from China on a number of joint programs in both higher and additional education. We are very pleased that the application with Taiyuan University of Technology was the winner. Success is guaranteed by a motivated faculty team and a reliable partner,” notes Yana Vysotskaya, director of Ural Federal University’s Division of International Educational Programs.

Among Chinese universities, the UrFU also has close ties with the North China University of Water Resources and Hydropower. Together they run five master’s degree programs: Civil Engineering, Geodesy and Remote Sensing, Urban and Industrial Water Supply and Sanitation, Architecture, and Heat Power Engineering. Graduates receive two diplomas – from UrFU and a partner university.

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