Ural Federal University: University Launches Website for Master’s Students

Ural Federal University has launched a special Ural Federal University Master’s Program website. Now the information about the second level of higher education can be obtained in one place. The website contains such sections as Admission Algorithm, Alumni Feedback, and Frequently Asked Questions.

The site also contains a catalog of Master’s degree programs at Ural Federal University. It contains convenient filters that allow students to choose a program by field of study (engineering, information technology, natural sciences and mathematics, social sciences and technology, economics and management), by form of study (full-time, part-time or blended), and by language of study (Russian, English).

“More and more undergraduate students are becoming interested in the master’s program and the prospects it offers. And the university is happy to support such an initiative by introducing new and relevant educational programs and increasing the number of budgetary places,” noted at the university.

In 2022, UrFU is opening an enrollment for a record number of budget-funded seats – there are more than 2,700 in the Master’s program. Recruitment will take place for 158 educational programs, some of which are entirely in English.

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