Ural Federal University: University Lecturers Will Be Part of the Ural Art History Program

An educational program on the history of the Urals art for students of humanities will be launched in February as part of the Art Platform project. Lectures by experts will also be available for non-university community: starting in March, videos will be published on the YouTube channel of the Sinara Charitable Foundation.

“Our leading art historians are an excellent lineup of lecturers. They are people who are not only theorists, but also constantly interact with the works personally,” stressed Tamara Galeeva, Head of the Laboratory of Artistic Practices and Museum Technologies at the Ural Federal University, PhD in History of Arts.

In addition, it is planned to launch an online catalog about the history of the Ural art with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund within the Art Platform project. It will be available from May on the Art Platform website. All main artists and the main decades from the beginning of the 20th century to the 21st century in the history of the Ural art will be presented.

“Together, these two sites will make up a kind of information base about Ural art,” said Anna Pyankova, Director of the Sinara Art Gallery.

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